Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Save A Life

Why is ending abortion such an important issue and cause? Because the course of humanity and how we view the future of our nation and upcoming generations depends on it. Abortion is evil. It is the murder of an innocent life. It is violent. There are two things that die as a result of abortion: an innocent baby and the conscience of the perpetrator. It breeds violence, immorality, and apathy. If we can put a price on an innocent baby, what can we expect in society and the very way that we look at the humanity of a person?

Small Victories Ministries shows the humanity of unborn children to mothers and fathers contemplating abortion through our Window to the Womb Ultrasound Van embedded outside the Hope abortion Clinic in Granite City, Illinois. We are a frontlines pro-life ministry that has pioneered the ultrasound movement outside abortion mills in our nation.

For 18 ½ years Small Victories Ministry has been offering pregnant abortion-minded mothers options other than abortion, giving women a real choice, trying to save their precious babies, and lifting up the name of Jesus. Since January 2000, over 3800 babies have been saved from this abortion mill, and from these mothers 39 babies have been adopted by Christian couples. We help over 800 girls a year and see approx 20-30 abortion clients a day, currently four days a week.

The Hope abortion Clinic is the largest abortion mill in the Midwest. They used to perform between 10,000 and 13,000 abortions a year. Currently, the average number of abortions performed has dropped to approximately 4,000. Over 30 employees have been fired or retired. Lawsuits have caused this abortion mill to bleed. We have rejoiced with several employee conversions.

We are literally the last line of defense for these little unborn babies and their mothers. As our brother's keeper, we must go to where babies are dying. Our peaceful presence outside abortion mills "pricks a mother's conscience." Many of our saves have confirmed that "the presence of loving people" changed their mind; not angry screaming, but compassion and love has turned the hearts of mothers to their babies.

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